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Industry Analysis

Both the SWOT and PEST methodology are used to outline the attributes and influencing

factors on this Industry.  Combining value chain elements, this business analysis is driven from the perspective of OEMs, sales manufacturers and customers and will present a vital business reference on how well the industry is meeting its objectives.

 Manufacturing and new approaches

An Analysis of the critical components that need to put in place to enable and support smaller display companies returning to manufacturing again. To what extent will this affect the China OEM industry? Is it possible to develop at truly unique technical Competitive Advantage?    Case Studies will also be presented:

1. One company's experience with returning manufacturing in-house and how it reduced time to   

 market,  increased product quality control, reduced headaches and led to an increase in profitability.

2. Consortium - an overview of how the European consortium was structured, the benefits it afforded in  delivery time, capital costs, scale and R&D. How will this affect the OEM industry in China?

Industry Sales Channels

An in-depth look into the current Sales Channels dynamics along with shifts and influences. Included are key issues that may influence Sales Channels in the future.

Supply Chains

An overview of the current Industry Supply Chain, how it works, the players and chain dynamics is presented along with the key issues that may influence any changes and what will potentially cause these changes.

Supply Chain Relationships

Presented are the relationships of the companies involved in the Industry supply chain process;  showing components, modules and panels purchases. An overview of the relational analysis within the Supply Chain of suppliers to customers will further present the commonality of products and who are the manufacturers.  

Certification and Product Performance Testing

The movement for verification of specific manufacturing and product Certificates is likely to become an Industry requirement.  To what extent will this movement influence shifts in the Supply Chain?    And what are the ramifications, both legal and practical, of falsified Certifications?  Should the Industry support display performance verification through testing similar to the European CEN12966 for road displays, to substantiate performance claims of the systems?

Service and Maintenance

How will companies perform maintenance and service as the market changes. What are the associated costs and how will this affect pricing and margins?  

Customer Feedback

The feedback of round table discussions with end-users.  (What they are purchasing, How they are using the technology, Areas that need to be improved, Where do they get information on the types of displays relative to their market)

Financial Analysis, Growth and Forecasts (Market Growth and Forecasts)

An important element to understanding the strength, environment and changes of a market are the financials when combined with the Analysis in this report. The size of the large display marketplace is presented detailing the 2016 by Markets and Geographic regions. In addition a comparison from the previous year illustrates the specific growth and/or decline from 2015 to 2016.

The following outlines the specific sections presented in this report

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Release date:

15 April 2017

Large LED Display - a report and analysis covering the Sports, Commercial, Advertising & Transportation markets - only from EDG Research

A Report & Analysis covering the Sports, Commercial, Advertising and Transportation markets